jueves, 12 de enero de 2012

HOW TO COOK A SPANISH OMELETTE (for very beginners & nothing in the fridge)



Eggs (number depending the nº of people)

(better if it's from olives..umm)

Chips (yes a simple bag of chips) 
1 bag for each 3 people

1 Fork

Pan (basic) with  his lid
(very important..or a dish instead)

& Salt

(In the Original recipe we use potatoes & onions...)


Beat the eggs in a bowl

Smash the Bag of chips

Pour the chips on the bowl with the beated eggs

Leave them till they seem to be tender & mix
them with a pinch of salt

Then put the Pan on the cooker with oil, when it seems to be hot (the oil), pure the mixture & leave it 2 minutes with the highest temperature

 Put the dish/ tip over the Pan and turn it carefully upside down then place the omelette in the other side in the bottom of the frying pan

2 minutes more....and Voilá!!!!!!

(*Ferran Adriá Receipe!)

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  1. A mí me gusta más con patatas, aunque una vez probamos a hacerla, cuando vivía en Malta, y tampoco quedó tan mal oye! ;) Un besito!

  2. Love the pictures! We've also made a "how to" on cooking omelettes. We'll be sure to link to this from http://www.makeanomelette.com. Thanks!


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