miércoles, 4 de enero de 2012

Something related with ART: De Telones y Ballenas

I knew her during The Boca Market in Madrid (Argumosa street)
She has a special style of drawing, (love it so much ***!!!!! )
You can acquire some of  her already done arts or she can personalizes you her draws with something you like..

I instantly love her drawings so I though they could be some of my Christmas presents for my Family, I ordered her 3:

For B.,
 because she loves ballet, dancing and disguise

For C.
she is so sexy, and loves reading...big books  

and for O.
 I think you can imagine what does O. likes.. don't you?

I love too much her creative style...

she can bring you to a famous film

The music wherever age you are & style you like...

The comics & tales characters you already read/ watch on tv...

or a mix of them..

She has an incredible talent drawing... whom I'm a complete fan 

If you want to contact her please see all her art pictures here


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