jueves, 18 de junio de 2015

Dreaming with travelling these holidays

One of the things that I like the most is to travel 
I have always take advantege of the small oportunity 
I have had to visit new places

Now my priorities have changed 
The thing I like the most now in the world now is Mini_s...
But one of "the mosts" is still to travel

Once he is a little bit older I would love to bring him 
to new places in my list of TO DO's 

For the ones that still don't know were they want
 to go these holidays
here a few magic places I would love to visit one day

Australia's Hanging Rock, Victoria Australia

Popular Tourist Destinations Hampi in Karnataka, India

the milky turquoise waters of havasu creek, arizona

Huge skylight church - Tarragona, Spain

Thor’s Hammer Sunrise, Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Blue Lagoon hotsprings in Iceland.

Dresden Castle, Dresden, Germany

Turnip Rock, a large island just off the shore of Lake Huron

Osaka's Namba Parks flows through urban spaces, making hills of buildings

Two Style options  from Natalia for two of these destinations
with Olivilla accesories!

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