martes, 17 de abril de 2012

Carol Adrianza ART

Let me present you the art work of this Venezolanian painter 
based in Miami, I discovered her recently

she is called Carol Adrianza

Crafting a distinct artistic vision out of her differing interests in pop, contemporary art, classicism, and post neo dada movement. 

Adrianza  studied with the renowned Italian maestro Roberto Altmann in the quaint town of Sestri Levanti, Italy. Her work is well known in London and United States among others.

I love her art work, such as these here:

Selected exhibitions 2011-2012

Robin Rile Fine Arts with the University of Miami's Lowe Art Museum
LIBERO | Art Basel exhibition series | The Art Space 
Piag Museum | San Antonio Texas
Moca Bash - Special project for The Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami. 
Arts for Japan  The Tsunami and Earthquake Relif Benefit | Houston 
The Gallery  50 Redchurch Street, London UK
Adrianza Solo Show Giovanna | The Iron Side. Miami FL 

You can find other art works here:

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  1. La última ilustración de la chica me parece muy chula!

    B* a la Moda

  2. Me encanta! Gracias Mary como siempre en todo lo que haces muy pero muy especial! Eres unica! Besitos, Agata.-


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