sábado, 10 de marzo de 2012

Once Upon a Time a Baptism

This was my plan last saturday...

There was a mam and a dad

a child and a  new baby

(this was our present, 
drawn by the illustrator Isabel Herrero from Telones y Ballenas)

There was a Baptism

Here auntie P. organised a beautiful party after  it

Full of Balloons 

Wonderful Cookies


cakes & sweets

Thanks for all

we enjoied it a lot!

*Draw from Isabel Herrero de Telones y Ballenas
Photos from Olivilla

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  1. Qué geniales los dibujos :)

    Besos desde

  2. Buenísimo post y divinas las fotos. Besos desde Uruguay

  3. me encanta maria!!!!!!!sobre todo disfrutarlo.Gracias por tus grandes ideas....ainhoa


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